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La Croix services, a locksmith to help you from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. 7 / 7

You prefer to speak English, we have people who speak English to help you.

Our technicians are highly qualified and professionally trained to handle all kinds of security problems:

  • Emergency lockout opening.
  • Installation of high security locks.
  • Change of cylinders and deadbolts all brands.
  • Master keying system creation and management
  • Repair or upgrades all kinds of locks.
  • Open and replace any mailbox lock

if you slammed your door and left the keys inside, we are able to open your lock without drilling by picking the lock.

If the lock is double locked we can pick ordinary locks, but most of the doors in Paris have high security locks and we need to drill the lock to open the door if they are double locked.

It is almost impossible use lockpicking to open a french high security lock double locked.

We provide you a free estimate by phone for emergency opening and lock installation.
The estimate will be confirmed on site before starting work, in case of change of prices you can refuse, this will cost you nothing.

You need to copy a key?
We copy all the keys unpatented in our shop and we can order any brand of patented keys.  

France is a country with a strong history on locks, unfortunately burglars are also highly trained, make sure the lock and the door itself are certified.

For questions about your safety at home, protecting your work at the office, we can go see you and advise you at the end you get a free quote tailored to your needs.
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Tel: 01 49 70 03 69
Port: 06 26 29 43 04

By mail:
Serrurerie La Croix Services
33 rue de Clichy
75009 Paris

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